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Instead of giving the standard biography for the members of our board, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know them better by having them explain their favorite PSTA event below:



Abby Elmudesi

7 Years at NB

Michael-11th grade

Jack-7th grade

Patrick-4th grade


“I love Grandparents & Special Friends’ Day. I remember well the excitement of bringing my grandmother's to school on Grandparent's Day when I was a  little girl, and I see how happy my boys are when their grandparents join them every March.”

VP of High School

Renée Gelbard Haubner

19 Years at NB

Evan-2014 Graduate

Trevor-2014 Graduate

Daniel-11th grade

“NBPS Back to School Night is fun and exciting and really puts you in your child's shoes for a real tour. Also the PSTA Homecoming Tailgate Party includes everyone in the school; it's a great relaxing time with good food and a fun game.”


Natalie Little

13 Years at NB

Cameron-11th grade

Taylor-10th grade


“My favorite PSTA activity is the  New Parent Breakfast because I love meeting the new parents and welcoming them into our friendly and supportive community.”

VP of Middle School

Carla Hayman

2 Years at NB

Siena-8th grade

Max-6th grade


New PSTA Board member, so please stay tuned for Carla's favorite PSTA event!


Camille Fournel

3 Years at NB

Adam-9th grade

Taylor-7th grade


“Cookies and Cocoa Teachers Appreciation in December is my favourite event, the idea of giving back to the school, and seeing the surprise and delight on each teacher and faculty’s face when they arrive  at the event, it is a joy!" 

Assistant Treasurer

Chris Bishop

14 Years at NB

Katie - college

Kelly - 12th grade


“My favorite is the Homecoming Tailgate; it’s the event that brings   the entire school together. From   the  little Eagles to our Seniors, faculty, staff, and family, we all join together to cheer the football team on to victory!”

VP of Lower School

Alyssa Glenn

3 Years at NB

Catherine-2nd grade

Carter-1st grade


“My favorite event is the Harvest Hoedown & Chili Cook off. There's

a petting zoo, pony rides, music, dancing and lots of different homemade chili to try. Yum!"

PSTA Faculty Liaison

Stacey Amelchenko


16 Years at NB

Zach-6th grade

Brady-pre-k 2


“My Favorite event was the Cookies & Cocoa for faculty and staff because we are all so thankful for all that the PSTA does for us. We are very lucky to have such an amazing group!”

VP of Volunteers

Joy Rabbini

13 Years at NB


Sebastiano-11th grade

Mattais-8th grade

Please stay tuned for Joy's favorite PSTA event!

VP of Programs

Lauren Munoz

1 Years at NB

Elle-6th grade

New PSTA Board member so please stay tuned for Lauren's favorite PSTA event!

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